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The Alpchalet Schwanstein Hotel

Hotel Alpchalet Buching near Castle Neuschwanstein
The Reception

With a heartfelt „Grüß Gott“ we invite you to take a look at our pages, and enjoy an impression of our house. Allow yourself to let the vision become reality, see it with your own eyes, and enjoy it.

Situated directly on the Romantic Road, on the edge of the National Park of the Ammer mountain area, as well as the Allgäu and Lech Valley Alps, the Alpchalet Schwanstein is situated in the pictures and small village of Buching on the Halblech, the small brother of the big Lech, on its way from the Lech valley to the Danube. The attractive village of Buching keeps to its traditions and old ways, the inhabitants are down to earth, open hearted, open minded.  This was one of the reasons to take over a traditional, local house here. 

Since October 2015, we, Ning and Dejiang, with support from our loyal staff, are the new management of the Alpchalet Schwanstein.

After thorough modernisation and alterations, we are now ready to allow you to experience the cosy atmosphere of our house.

Now allow yourself to be inspired, and leaf through our pages. We will gladly answer your questions personally on the telephone, or by email.

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Willkommen im Alpchalet Schwanstein
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